Zapdat’s mission is to increase the productivity of professional service providers by automating relatively low-value and repetitive tasks, enabling professionals to focus on higher value activities.

Zapdat was created when Mary Sidoti, an accountant and financial advisor, became frustrated with the time spent chasing clients for information. Finding that other industry colleagues shared this view, we estimated the unbillable hours spent on these tasks, and it was an unacceptable cost to our business.

Our passion at Zapdat is to help professional service providers to simplify client engagement and communication by developing a platform that puts the client relationship first.

We needed a smarter way to get the information we needed. Together with Joe Pien, Mary designed a flexible, automated system to solve the costly issue of document handling, and hired some brilliant engineers to build it.

The result is data tracking software that is so simple to use that businesses can set up the system in a day, and use our templates to start creating job workflows in minutes. Zapdat has also grown to include intuitive communication tools and secure document storage.

Zapdat is ideal for any professional services firm that engages with clients and needs to get data from them. We’re used by accountants, financial planners, lawyers and logistics firms.

Like any software solution Zapdat will improve according to the feedback and requirements of our users, and our team is committed to continuing development in order to ensure Zapdat is always the best tracking software in the market.

Save time, improve productivity, work in a secure cloud environment, and give your clients the service they deserve.