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How would my firm use Zapdat?


Imagine you’re a practice that manages a wide range of different clients. One of the daily hurdles you face is getting the necessary information out of them. How can you do their work if you don’t have all the data you need?

Clients often don’t know what information to provide, they forget, or they provide it in bits and pieces.  Collating the information to do your work is time consuming, and is often not complete.That means a frustrating time for you, with constant back and forth over email. 

You need a smarter way to gather information.

If collecting all that data could be automated, how much time and stress would you save?

By using Zapdat, you’ll transform your practice. Businesses using it report that efficiency and productivity soar, once less time is wasted on menial tasks and admin.

You’ll reduce unbillable hours spent doing all that manual work, gaining back up to two weeks of every calendar year.

Client communication is also much easier. You’re no longer a slave to your inbox: everything is more organised and collaborative. Clients get a better understanding of what you need from them, through messages, checklists, questionnaires and forms.

Everything is in one place – all of the documents, information and messages relating to each job. If there’s an emergency and a colleague is unexpectedly away, anyone can log into Zapdat and check on the status of their clients and see what’s required.

All this creates a clear audit trail. Having a complete history of all tasks and communications is important to satisfy compliance requirements, and analyse the efficiency of your workflow.

Best of all, it frees up time that you can spend on higher value work for clients. Everyone benefits: your staff are happier doing more interesting and productive work, and your clients appreciate the extra service.

Zapdat is the communication portal helping professionals manage client information, documents and data more efficiently. Join the successful professionals who are saving time and improving their client service with an easy-to-use system designed by professionals for professionals. Click here for a free trial.